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Cathy Goldberg Fishman was born in Mesa, Arizona, but grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She has taught elementary school, sold encyclopedias from door to door, and directed a day care center. When she moved to Augusta Georgia, she opened a children's bookstore in her house called Eeyore's Tale from late 1978 to 1981. At the bookstore, Cathy organized birthday parties, cooking classes for children, and many arts and crafts events. Cathy is married to Steven Fishman and has two grown children and three granddaughters, with one on the way. Her son Xan (married to Katie Cassling) lives and works in Washington, DC, and her daughter Brittany ( married to Andrew Pais) lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Cathy now works part time at the Augusta Jewish Federation and loves to visit her three wonderful granddaughters, Ellie, Diana, and Annabelle.

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